Old Perithia

Corfu's Oldest Village – Guide and Where to Stay

Tomorrow on ITV1 Corfu: A tale of two islands, features Old Perithia, Corfu’s Oldest Village

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The Merchant’s House Boutique B&B in Corfu’s Oldest Village features in – Corfu: A Tale of Two Islands  ITV1 UK 8-part series

EPISODE 2, ITV1 Thursday, 18th October 22.35 GMT


Director|Producer Peter Beard – Series Director|Producer Matt Pelly – A Century Films Production

Corfu is buzzing. 500,000 Brits fly there each summer and around 10,000 of us have even chosen to live there. It is the Greek holiday island of choice for many British holidaymakers, and we easily out-number every other nationality holidaying on the island.
This week we meet more Brits who have fallen for the charms of this alluring island.
Marcus sells and develops multimillion pound, beachfront properties. He’s profiting from Corfu’s shift in industry from the agriculture that dominated the economy up until the 60’s, to tourism today. But as the island grows more popular it is becoming increasingly difficult to track down the picture-perfect plot.
Marcus’s most recent client is Oxfordshire housewife Susie who, along with husband Mark, has scoured Corfu for the perfect retreat from the stresses of life in the UK.
Further inland in the shadow of the “The Almighty”, Mount Pantokrator, lies a village where one couple are trying to reinvigorate the old ways. Mark Hendriksen and his Dutch wife Saskia Bosch fell in love with the abandoned village of Old Perithia while on holiday. The pair have now started an ambitious project to breathe life back into the idyll, and the first step is to get their Boutique B&B up and running.


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