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Inaugurated, The first guesthouse in Old Perithia. Corfu Times [Kerkyra Simera]

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Corfu Times & Corfu Today [Kerkyra Simera] | Saturday 26th May 2012
Inaugurated, the first guesthouse in Old Perithia

Friday, the 25th May 2012 – Translation from Greek text:

On Saturday 19 May 2012, the first guesthouse in Old Perithia, North Corfu, was inaugurated with a traditional blessing from the priest of the region. “The Merchant’s House” in Old Perithia has a capacity for 21 beds, in six luxury suites.
Three old stone buildings in Perithia were renovated in cooperation with the Archeological Department of Corfu to an exemplary standard in every respect, maintaining all the structural and architectural elements, but also providing all the modern comforts for its guests in a uniquely beautiful and quiet environment.

This new guesthouse has all the characteristics of a Boutique Bed & Breakfast and is a Category ‘A’ class (4 stars). The owners, Mark Hendriksen from the UK and Saskia Bosch from Holland, who invested about one million euro on this project, are showing their love for the place with full respect of the settlement and history, but they are also indicating the way forward for such restorations in the pristine areas of the Corfiot countryside.

The investment, an initiative of Mark & Saskia, received the support and warm welcome from many of the locals with whom they have become acquainted, and who along with many British guests, attended the inauguration ceremony and celebration, which was perfectly put together, down to the smallest detail.

The hosts of the evening, along with numerous guests, their faces shining with joy and satisfaction, enjoyed an excellent interpretation of well-known songs by the popular international baritone Mark Llewelyn Evans, who then handed the baton to a local band who provided Greek melodies for the rest of the evening.

Those who would like to find out more about The Merchant House, can contact Mark and Saskia at:

GR +30 26630 98444 (April-October)

From the newspaper story “The Corfu Today” 26th May 2012


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