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Corfu 2012 Telegraph by Marc Dubin highlights Palea Peritheia

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Saturday 4th February 2012 The Telegraph Travel section – Marc Dubin finds inspiration and relaxation in the quieter corners of the Greek island.

The article, by Marc Dubin, mentions Paleá Períthia (Old Perithia) as 1 of the 9 highlights on the island of Corfu

Paleá Períthia

“Nestled in a hollow on the north slope of Mount Pandokrátor, this Venetian-era village was abandoned in the Sixties, resulting in a medieval time-capsule. Since the Nineties, it has attracted both casual visitors and those after second-home restoration projects. Paleá Períthia lies astride the long-distance Corfu Trail, while four good tavernas also make it a popular excursion target. Sadly, the surroundings are a bit scorched for now, after a devastating brush fire, but most appeal here resides in wandering the cobbled lanes between the stone-built dwellings and churches.”

The article also then looks at ‘The year ahead‘ mentioning 2012 as the centenary of the birth of Lawrence Durrell, the bicentenary of Edward Lear, increases in direct flights to the island, more all-inclusive holidays, and…

• Of perhaps more interest to readers, Paleá Períthia’s boutique accommodation, the Merchant’s House Suites, should finally open, after many delays, in spring 2012 (consult merchantshousecorfu.com for updates).”

The Merchant’s House Suites will be opening from 30th March 2012 and includes a ‘Town & Country Escape‘ in combination with the Bella Venezia Hotel (also mentioned in the article as 1 of the 12 favourite hotels) with its wonderful location in Corfu town. Stay any number of days in town with a 3 day weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) or a 4 day week (Mon-Thurs) at The Merchant’s House Suites in Old Perithia, Corfu’s oldest village.


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