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Corfu's Oldest Village – Guide and Where to Stay

Restoring tradition takes time…

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…but we’re on track!

The wonderful thing about restoring 3 traditional houses, in a row, in Corfu’s oldest village – is actually that the archaeological department really care about our absolute attention to detail. So, what you get when it’s all finished are hand-built (using local wood and limestone) traditional houses that are exactly as they were in the early 1800’s. These will soon be six unique boutique bed and breakfast suites, as they will be the only place to stay in this historic ancient settlement (although it does have four good taverna’s too!)

Outside of Corfu town, this is a first for the island, and we hope, a catalyst for further restoration in the village – that will provide locals, visitors and future generations the opportunity to see a part of their heritage in a village that began circa 14th century, of Venetian influence, continue to come back to life.

The archaeological department have plans for there to be a parking area set back from the top of the village, to protect the area around where the village begins. Other plans include, laying the overhead wires and cables beneath the ground, and restoring the cobbled paths that lead to the villages centre. As life returns, local industry and the community could be rekindled – we hope so.

The church of Iakovos, Persis is also being restored through a grant to the community of Loutses, this is the pretty pink church which has become such an icon for Old Perithia, on and inside the front cover of ‘The Guide to Old Perithia.’

For now, here’s a few pictures of ‘work in progress’ on the Boutique B&B’s The Merchant’s House, a view of the village, and The Holy Church of St. Iakovos, Persis…  watch this space!

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Written by oldperithia

May 22, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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