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Images of Corfu

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Spanning over 50 years, the photographic archives of Mihalis Kokkalis present you with over 3,000 pictures, each with their own story and impression of the beautiful island of Corfu. In the guide book to Old Perithia, Corfu’s Oldest Village, we used a number of these pictures to illustrate elements of Old Perithia, past (and present). Take a look at the collection by visiting: http://www.ImagesOfCorfu.com


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March 17, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Corfu Village NY | Corfu’s Oldest Village GR

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Yes, there are two Corfu’s, one in Greece and one in New York, USA. In researching about Corfu’s Oldest Village (Old Perithia in the north east of the island) we discovered about Corfu Village in New York which on uncovering its history, feels rather like reconnecting with an old friend.

Here is a little information on Corfu NY. With thanks for his contribution from the historian of  Corfu Village in New York,  Mr Allan Starkweather.

“Corfu is a small rural community located in Western New York State about 25 miles from Buffalo and 35 miles from Niagara Falls. It is in the township of Pembroke, most of the town has a Corfu address. Currently the village itself has 2 churches, 3 taverns, 3 restaurants, a school, and about 20 other businesses. There are several others within 5 miles of the village. The village itself has a population of 795 [2000 census]. It covers about 1 square mile.
What is now the Village of Corfu was first settled in 1807 [a youngster compared to your village in Old Perithia]. At first it was known as Longs Corners. In 1839 it received a post office. There already was a Longs Corners in New York State so the name had to be changed. The residents chose “Corfu” after the Greek island of that name. It is the only Corfu post office in the United States. In 1868 it was incorporated as the Village of Corfu. From the 1870’s-1990’s the main industry was the cultivation of flowers. At one time there were 6 greenhouse companies with about 20 greenhouses in Corfu. One of these companies was the largest importer of Holland tulip bulbs in the U.S. Now there are only two small companies left. The village is now mainly the home for people who work elsewhere.”

I’ll expand on the history of Corfu Village, and other ‘coincidences’ in an upcoming post – but hope this whets your appetite!

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March 8, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Restoration & regeneration, Corfu’s oldest village

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Old Perithia, nestling below the highest mountain on Corfu, is a unique place, steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty. The village is alive and buzzing by day, with visitors from far and wide. At nightfall an enchanting peace and tranquility descends.

This gave us the idea that it would be a charming place to spend a holiday. If some of the old houses were carefully restored with an eye for their historic beauty, blending tradition with just the right level of luxury, Old Perithia would make a perfect base, offering the best of both worlds. A tranquil historic gem, only a short drive away some of the finest beaches on Corfu. In the evening the fresh mountain air, starlit skies and at night, if we could make it all happen… fluffy feather pillows and fresh cotton sheets!

By the end of summer 2009, we had met and befriended several members of the local community and discovered a lot about the history of Perithia. Everything we learned reinforced our passion and our desire to restore part of this old village. We hoped it might help revive this historical icon of Corfu and make it a wonderful place to stay too.

Helped by a remarkable team of local Greek architects, historians and professionals, we purchased 3 old houses which needed a lot of TLC. We discovered they had at once been a weavery, a grocers and a coffee shop. At the end of 2010 work began to restore them to their former glory and to bring ‘Corfu’s oldest village’ back to life

By the summer of 2011 we will offer them as six boutique Bed & Breakfast suites where true ‘couleur locale’ will go hand in hand with life’s little luxuries. A warm welcome will await you at Ognistra Taverna, next door. Nikos will prepare a traditional Greek breakfast that sets you up for a day of exploring Old Perithia and its magnificent surroundings.

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Welcome to Old Perithia, Corfu’s oldest village.

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For the first time in more than a 100 years, visitors will now be able to stay in Old Perithia, the oldest village on the island of Corfu, just below its highest mountain, Mount Pantokrator.

First recorded in the 14th century, Old Perithia is a protected heritage site –

“An historic settlement consisting of 130 houses of Venetian architecture together with a significant number of important churches decorated with frescoes, all being surrounded by a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.”

The Merchant’s House is being carefully restored as six unique Bed & Breakfast Suites providing traditional hospitality with a contemporary standard of comfort.

Old Perithia’s unique history makes the village a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, as well as walkers, painters and those seeking a unique and individual place to stay and enjoy the tranquility, fresh mountain air and local Corfiot food at any of the four taverna’s along the cobbled streets, and access to the beautiful beaches along the north east coast… just 15 minutes away.

“Old Perithia – A wonderful marriage between history, architecture and nature.”
“Παλιά Περίθεια – Ένα Θαυμαστό Πάντρεμα Ιστορίας, Αρχιτεκτονικής και Φύσης.”

The Guide to Old Perithia is available at all good bookshops in Corfu, online and at Stanfords in Covent Garden, London UK http://www.old-perithia.com

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