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Corfu's Oldest Village – Guide and Where to Stay

Old Perithia & The Merchant’s House B&B Corfu | Press & Media 2014-2015

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Here are a few links to press and media articles that we are delighted to share, as we continue to endeavour to bring Old Perithia, one of Corfu’s oldest villages, and certainly the best example, back  to life and to restore its community once more. To stay in touch with what’s going on in Old Perithia and around the island of Corfu visit or ‘Like’ our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OldPerithia:

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Jacoline Vinke’s 80 Small Hotels in Greece: http://www.smallhotelsingreece.com/hotels/ionian/the-merchant-s-house

The Northern Echo: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/entertainment/11177517.True_Corfu/

Chicago Tribune: http://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/travel/ct-top-10-undiscovered-destinations-corfu-photo.html






Old Perithia | Telegraph’s: Best Hotel, Best Tavernas, Best Attraction – Corfu

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Click on the link below to see what Telegraph Travel had to say about Old Perithia:



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The long lasting love of a couple for Old Perithia, Corfu

The long lasting love of a couple for Old Perithia, Corfu









Translated Article 05|06|2013: PRESS ARTICLE | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE |



The long-lasting love of a British couple for Old Perithia
Mark and Saskia, a young British|Dutch couple, ordered a tasteful place-name sign of wood, which was placed at the entrance of the Heritage Protected Village of Old Perithia. The wooden sign has a detailed map of the settlement with information about the sightseeing of this peaceful mountain village in Greek and in English. The young couple, who are almost permanent residents of the Perithia, have invested their life dreams here and prove their love for this island every day by their actions.

In the last years, the abandoned village of Old Perithia has come to life again and enjoys a lot of traffic daily.

In the last years, the abandoned village of Old Perithia has come to life again and enjoys a lot of traffic daily.











Two young British people never stop confirming their love for Old Perithia .
In the last years, the abandoned village of Old Perithia has come to life again and enjoys many visitors each day.

Now, there are five traditional tavernas in Perithia and last year “The Merchant’s House” an accommodation of the highest quality, boutique bed and breakfast suites, opened in three old renovated houses, located at the entrance of the heritage protected village. The investors are Mark and Saskia – a British|Dutch couple – who have almost become permanent residents of Perithia and enthusiastically love the island, its history, its beauty, its people, its tastes, its smell and sounds.

They are excellent promoters of Perithia, using every available method of promotion, and mostly the internet. And they keep on at it. They care about Old Perithia’s being kept clean, its accessibility to locals and visitors alike, its traffic control and parking places away from the buildings, its lighting and, as happened recently, about its visitors’ information.

They have even ordered and placed a tasteful place-name sign of wood at the entrance of the village (see photo above), and last Sunday they placed a detailed map of the area and information for the visitors in both Greek and English languages. They have also placed at the entrance, a bilingual sign, ‘Welcome to the Heritage Village of Old Perithia’, made in accordance with the standards of the signs of the Greek Ministry of Culture for Heritage sites (picture on the left).

The love for this land, as you see, is not just about talk. It has to be proven and confirmed by our daily acts.

This is exactly what we learn from Mark and Saskia’s love for Old Perithia …


Choosing a Villa or a Village? Corfu’s Oldest Village

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Party of 10? Instead of a villa, why not have a village to yourselves… in Corfu’s oldest village. There are also 5 tavernas (and it’s just 15mins drive to the beach.) For more details…




or visit our site directly at:


Nightfall over The Merchant's House

Nightfall over The Merchant’s House









Nightfall over The Merchant’s House Boutique B&B, Old Perithia, northeast Corfu. Copyright Merchant’s House Publishing 2013.

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May 14, 2013 at 8:54 am

Jacoline’s Small Hotels in Greece | The Merchant’s House B&B

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For further details click the following link: http://www.smallhotelsingreece.com/hotels/ionian/the-merchant-s-house

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Experience The Best of Corfu | For Immediate Release

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Experience The Best of Corfu…

Town & Country  | Sea & Scenic

What are the first three things that spring to mind when you imagine a holiday on the island of Corfu?

Most would probably give the following answer:

Stunning beaches and crystal-clear seas that encircle the island with glistening water in shimmering shades of blue. Perfect for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving, or taking a small boat to secluded coves shaded by silver green olive trees.

Corfu Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful architecture, the result of Venetian, French and British influences that have gracefully touched the island over the centuries and influenced its culture, cuisine and its people.

Corfiot history and tradition, nature and wildlife, prevalent in the old villages which are often set against a stunning backdrop of lush green mountains. Villages, untouched by time, and cared for by mother nature, with bursts of colour and unlimited beauty, old settlements where birds, bees, butterflies, and all creatures great and small gently come and go.

But, until now, you may have found yourself having to settle for just one of the above, staying in a single location, or accommodation, usually near the sea, and making the visit to town, the countryside or the local villages a short day out.

However, now there’s a completely new way to experience the very Best of Corfu and here’s how…

Imagine the following scenario. Arrive at Corfu airport and within a short taxi ride, unwind in one of our handpicked selection of Corfu town’s finest hotels, where you can relax and ease into the holiday mood by soaking up the culture and buzz of Corfu town, then dinner in one of the town’s many restaurants, and a good night’s sleep.

Wake up to a lazy breakfast in the hotel and go sightseeing around the bustling streets of the old town and the Esplanade. When you’re ready, your rental car will be delivered at the hotel and you’ll be transported to the elegant four star Boutique B&B, The Merchant’s House, in Corfu’s oldest Village, Old Perithia, in the attractive northeast corner of the island.

Here you can spend 2, 3, 4 or more days, taking a step back in time and getting to experience the local tradition and hospitality of an historic mountain village in a designated area of natural beauty, where the village and the bees hum by day, but by night you have the whole place to yourself as the tavernas gently wind down until the next day.

Finally, having now managed to relax enough to be practically horizontal, go horizontal full time by staying at Chrismos Luxury Suites near Kassiopi, and a few steps away from the sea. Just 20 minutes drive by car, Chrismos offers fifteen tranquil beachside accommodations, a private pool and garden, direct access to the beach and a convivial lounge café and restaurant.

So, whether it’s a few days, a week, 10 days, or more, you can now experience the very Best of Corfu, an experience that you may find so warming, that you’ll wish to return again and again.

The Old Fort, Corfu Town

The Old Fort, Corfu Town

Kassiopi, northeast Corfu

Corfu’s Oldest Village

copyright 2013 text & photography Merchant’s House PR & Publishing | contact: editor@old-perithia.com for further details or use of images.

Not a Villa, but a Village… to yourselves | Corfu | Greece

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Corfu has long been known for its stunning beaches and azure blue seas, set against a lavish green backdrop. But, prior to tourism shifting the landscape in the 70’s and 80’s, it was the old villages where the true spirit of Corfu, and its history, could be best experienced and enjoyed.

Nowadays many magnificent villas can be found dotted along the coastline with their terraces overlooking the Ionian Sea. There’s the option of a swimming pool, or a trip to the beach, and most villas are within 5, 10 or 15 minutes walk before you can dip your toes in the sea.

As the beachfront villas multiplied, many villages became more and more deserted or had retained their charm but became more of a mix of old and new. However, many of these villages are still thriving communities where the locals live and work and are open 365 days a year (not just through the summer months), and by nature of the size of the island, most are within easy access to the sea albeit now by car, rather than cart, foot or mule.

So for those of you wishing to get a feel of the, nature, history and tradition of Corfu, as the likes of the Durrell’s had experienced and written about just ahead of the increase in tourism, it may be worth considering a stay in one of Corfu’s old villages.

In the attractive northeast corner of the island, close to coastal villages such as Agni, Agios Stefanos and Kassiopi there is a mountain village that lies 7km from the coastal road and nestles beneath the island’s highest mountain, Mt. Pantokrator, Ano Peritheia (Old Perithia) is Corfu’s oldest village, a Heritage Protected Site in a Designated Area of Natural Beauty and one, if not the, finest examples of the Venetian architectural influence on villages outside of Corfu town.

The village was once one of the wealthiest on the island, with 130 houses and surrounded by 8 churches, not forgetting Mt. Pantokrator (The Almighty) some 500m higher up. A popular place for walkers, and a key part of the yearly ‘Durrell Week’ that takes place in May, Old Perithia was once a hideaway from pirate attacks, where the village could see, but not be seen from, the sea below. The village thrived as a wine producer, the land being so fertile that many fruit trees grew, and continue to grow there to this day, and the mountains were covered with thousands of sheep.

It is a place, held so dearly in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, that it manages to sustain five tavernas and most recently a four star boutique b&b, three old renovated ‘Merchant’s Houses’ each lovingly restored, by hand, to recreate a faithful reincarnation of how they had been circa 1650 when they, and the village, were in its heyday.

As the only accommodation in the village, albeit that about 25% of the village has been, or is in the process of being restored, here is the one place on the island where you get, not a villa, but an entire village to yourself.

So, if you like to spend your days by the beach with the crowds, but your nights to yourself with only the hum of nature, and the good spirited atmosphere of people dining at the local tavernas to keep you company. Then this may be a rather unique alternative, and around midnight when silence descends upon the Ionian mountains, it will leaving you feeling you have had an ear to the age old heartbeat of this magnificent island.



Copyright editorial and photos | Merchant’s House Publishing 2013

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